Lissie, AKA, Elise Crawford, was born on a cold and wet November day in the Motor City the year U. S. troops were sent to prevent the South Vietnamese government from collapsing, during election week the year the Voting Rights Act was signed into congress, the year Kellogg’s introduced Pop Tarts, and the year that the first close up photographs of Mars were taken. Lissie moved with her mother and younger sister, Jenny, to Seattle in 1968.
Although not formally educated as a writer, she has been writing creative fiction since she was eight years old and holds several Associate of Arts degrees; one in Liberal Arts, two in Social Sciences, and one Technical.
Also, without any formal writing or business education, she poured every ounce of her energy into her husband’s little business to contribute to the family pot so she could write, it continues to flourish and prosper to this day.
With her children grown and her nest almost empty, she resides with her husband Roberto in western Washington with their three cats Lucky, Martin and Foxy.
In her “spare time” Lissie’s crotchets with wild abandon; hats, blankets, and animals.